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The Junkers Ju 87 Stuka was a weapon of terror because it not only had the ability to dive-bomb targets with a high degree of accuracy, it also had ‘Jericho trumpet’ mounted in each of the main wheel struts which produced a wailing sound that sent people running for cover. While highly effective in the early days of the war, the slow Stuka soon became easy targets for the RAF and the Luftwaffe reassigned these aircraft to the eastern Front. As the Soviets improved the armor protection of its tanks, the Stuka was fitted with 37mm anti-tank guns modified into self-contained gun pods mounted under the wings allowing a Stuka pilot to ‘plink’ Russian tanks. While these aircraft were effective against Russian armor, their slow airspeeds made them vulnerable to improving Soviet airpower and soon this threat was swept aside.

The KV series of heavy tanks suffered from reliability problems and these were replaced by a new series of heavy tanks named after the Soviet premier, Josef Stalin. These so-called Stalin tanks had improved armor protection, improved firepower, and improved mobility. The first production version to enter service was the IS-2 (JS-2) which was available in time to spearhead the final assault into Berlin.

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