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A must for every modeller. The Humbrol Workstation is manufactured from a tough and durable material that can’t be melted by Humbrol Poly Cement.

Dimensions: height 67mm x width 485mm x depth 335mm

Suitable for use with Humbrol A4 Cutting Mat: AG9155.

The Humbrol Work Station has many features:

  • – Double depth sections for holding 9 x 14ml/12ml Humbrol Enamel or Acrylic pots, or 3ml Humbrol Acrylic pots.
  • – Double depth water cup holders, which allows the modeller to place Humbrol 28ml products, such as: Mattcote, Satincote and Glosscote, Decalfix, Maskol, Clearfix, Thinners, Liquid Poly and Weathering Powders.
  • – Designed to fit the new Humbrol A4 Cutting Mat (AG9155) within the working area.
  • – Two mixing areas either side of the Cutting Mat.
  • – A4 Instruction sheet holder.
  • – Brush and tool holders.
  • – Easy to hold handles either side of the Work Station.
  • – Rubber feet, which allows the modeller to place on a flat surface.
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