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This 1933 All Weather Phaeton combines both the mechanical quality of cadillac and the Fleetwood coachwork in its attractive body style. But as elaborate and beautiful these automobiles may be, it is the V-type 16-cylinder engine which sets them apart from all other cars. They were built in limited series and the owner’s name and the serial number were engraved on a suitable plate and fixed to the car. Our model, a convertible sedan Model 452 C with true custom-built elegance, was especially built for Al «the Jazz Singer» Jolson. Optional extras were a genuine pigskin leather interior, interior wood panels with special marquetery, extra windows, landau leather, roof racks for luggage and silk shades.

Brand: Italeri
Product name: Cadillac Fleetwood
Product number: ITA3706
Scale: 1:24
Type: Full kit
Includes: Plastic sprues, Clear parts


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