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The Corsair is one of the most famous and successful hunters of the Second World War, where in the Pacific operation theater imposed on all the different models deployed by the Japanese Air Force. Next to the Conflict, the Corsair, like all other propeller planes, was shut down waiting for the demolition because of the advent of propulsion-driven aircraft. But in 1950 the Korean War started and hundreds of F 4 U 4 were recovered and reactivated to meet the war needs.

The Model Set includes acrylic colors, liquid glue and brush.

The Corsair is one of the most famous airplanes of World War I, which fought against the entire array of aircraft used by the Japanese Forces in the Pacific Theater. After the war the Corsairs were set aside, along with other propeller-driven planes, to expect demolition to be replaced by jet aircraft. In 1950, at the outbreak of the Korean conflict, more than one hundred units were re-activated to fight the onslaught of the North Korean Forces. The Corsair still proved to be a viable airplane, robust and reliable, superior to the first, rather delicate jets that were to end the Corsair’s life span.

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