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The MK version. V of the Spitfire was introduced in service with the English departments departments in 1941 to replace the previous MK. The real protagonists of the “Battle of England”. This model was extensively used in all operating theaters until the end of the conflict despite the presence of more modern aircraft as its maneuverability and robustness enabled it to effectively oppose most adventurous aircraft.

The Model Set includes acrylic colors, liquid glue and brush.

The Mk. The V-version of the spitfire was introduced with the Royal Air Force in 1941 in order to replace the previous Mk. I, the backbone of the battle of Britain. This model was extensively used on all theaters until the end of the war despite the appearance of more modern aircraft. Its maneuverability and sturdiness made it possible to successfully oppose most enemy aircraft. This Spitfire version used in North Africa was characterized by various anti-sand filters used for the main air intake in order to operate from improvised desert airfields.

Model includes colorus, glue and brush.

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