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The Mirage F.1 was designed as a follow-on multi-role fighter to the Mirage III/V family and powered by the Atar 9K used in the Mirage IV. While similar in size to the Mirage III/V series, the F.1 had significantly better performance, air refueling, and armament options. In addition to extensive service with the French Air Force, the F.1 has also equipped the air arms of Ecuador, Gabon, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, South Africa, and Spain. In service with the Libyan Air Force, the French-trained pilots were able to easily keep the F-14 Tomcats at bay during their peaceful ‘skirmishes’ over water.

The Mirage F.1CR is the reconnaissance variant of the F.1 designed to carry special pods in French Air Force service. The Mirage F.1CT is the multi-role strike version adapted from the upgraded Mirage F.1C-200 when these had been replaced in the air superiority role by the Mirage 2000. The C-200 version was itself an upgraded Mirage F.1C that incorporated an air refueling capability.

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