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It was in 1859 that the first oil well was successfully drilled underground to a depth of 21 m by Colonel Drake in Pennsylvania, USA. It was not until 70 years later that the first hazardous steps were taken from land into water. In 1927 the first offshore drilling was done in California to a depth of only 6 m. The oil policy of the OPEC countries made undersea oil exploration and production much more interesting. There are now about 380 offshore drilling rigs in operation world wide. In addition to off the coasts of North and Central America, a second major field was found in the North Sea. In 1975 the Forties Field went into production. The substructure of the North Cormorant was towed to its site 160 km north east of the Shetland Isles at the beginning of 1980. When it was finally anchored to the seabed with 32 gigantic steel pins it had covered a record distance of 1400 km by sea from the French shipyard at Cherbourg. The whole drilling platform was installed in the period from May to August 1981 and went into production in the December. The oil and gas extracted is transported to dry land in pipelines. The deck of the platform has a total area of 4,000 m². The gigantic substructure with a height of 170 m and a weight of 24,500 tonnes is bigger than all its predecessors in the history of North Sea oil. While it was being built the North Cormorant was home to 240 men. Now it is operated by over 100 seamen in all weathers.

Brand: Revell
Product name: Off-Shore Oilrig North Cormorant Limited Edition
Product number: 08803
Scale: 1:200
Type: Full kit
Includes: Plastic sprues, Waterslide decals, Cable/Wire
Released: 2015 | Rebox (Changed box only)
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