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The Queen Mary which was laid down at John Brown’s on Clydebank in 1930 and completed in 1936, was one of the three 80000 BRT superlines of the 30’s. In August 1936 the Queen Mary crossed the Atlnatic at 30.14 knots westwards ant at 30.63 eastwards, thus taking the Blue Riband from the Normandie , who quickly regained the trophy in 1937 until the Queen Mary finally held the record until 1952. When the Second World War broke out, the liner was transferred to Sydney, where she was fitted out as a troop carrier for 15,000 soldiers. After the war the Queen Mary returned to North Atlantic passenger service. In 1967 the Cunard White Star Line disposed of the ship by selling it to the town of Long Beach, where it has operated as a floating hotel since 1971.

Brand: Revell
Product name: Queen Mary
Product number: 05203
Scale: 1:570
Type: Full kit
Includes: Plastic sprues, Stickers
Released: 1997 | Initial release – new tool
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