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The FXX K is Ferrari’s cutting-edge racetrack sports car based upon their hybrid sensation, the LaFerrari. Despite a rumoured price tag of 2.7 million dollars, the 40 or so FXX Ks sold out quickly. This track-only car, not intended for competition, has a design without restrictions for homologation and street-legality, etc. A thumping V12 engine delivers 860hp, plus 190hp from the electric motor. The FXX K inherits the LaFerrari HY-KERS hybrid system and offers 4 performance settings to be selected according to the conditions. Top of the range aerodynamics are provided by the sleek LaFerrari styling form with the mesmerizing new rear spoiler design catching the eye at even a brief glance. Even the slick tires are super hi-tech, with sensors providing feedback that helps the traction control get the most out of the car.

Brand: Tamiya
Product name: FERRARI FXX K
Product number: 24343
Scale: 1:24
Type: Full kit
Includes: Plastic sprues, Mask, Clear parts
Released: 2016 | Initial release – new tool


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